Since August 2007, as part of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, the Robotics Laboratory was founded and started its academic and scientific activities in the field of mobile robotics leaded by its founder Prof. Edgar A. Martinez-Garcia (PhD Eng). Our development fields practically include all topics involved in robotic platforms, such as locomotion devices, mechanical platforms, multisensory fusion, perception and motion planning. Including also, research works done in teleoperation and Human-Robot Interfaces.

Our premise in the Robotics Laboratory is to promote scientific and technological developments in the field of robotics through Science and Engineering developments in order to strength an efficient link with industry, academic fields and society.

Our research approach is critically oriented upon projects development methodology as a common strategy to achieve effective research completion. In the laboratory we prepare students in multidisciplinary engineering activities, for them to be able to develop theoretical and practical skills in robotics.
The aim on research is to develop integrated technology in autonomous mobile robots for applications that can support daily life in real environments.
Some particular pursuits within the laboratory are: