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Robotic DCVG Planning for Searching Flaws on Buried Pipelines Link

Edgar A. Martínez García

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany, January 2017

ISBN 978-3-330-02438-0

Book's contents

  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Measurement Models
  • Chapter 3. Volumetric Potential Functions
  • Chapter 4. Nonlinear Motion Equations
  • Chapter 5. Robot Search Navigation
  • Summary and Conclusion


E. Martínez García

OmniaScience, Spain, October 2015

ISBN 978-84-942118-8-1

Book contents

Part I: Robot Sensing Models
  • Chapter 2. Sensing Models in Robotics
  • Chapter 3. Multisensor Registration
  • Chapter 4. Visual Invariant Descriptors
Part II: Robot Sensing Navigation
  • Chapter 5. Multi-Legged Obstacle Avoidance
  • Chapter 6. Navigation using Exponential Derivatives
  • Chapter 7. Exploration and Search Robot Navigation
  • Chapter 8. Multi-Robot Path/Tasks Planning
Part III: Trajectory Control
  • Chapter 9. Non-Linear Reference Model Trajectory Control
  • Chapter 10. All-Active 4-Wheel Kinematics
  • Chapter 11. Control of a Self-Configurable Quadruped
Part IV: Modelling Walking Robots
  • Chapter 12. Direct/Inverse Analysis of Redundant Walking Robots
  • Chapter 13. Under-Actuated Jansen-Based Robot Control
  • Chapter 14. Reconfigurable Gait Patterns of a Klann-Based Robot
  • Chapter 15. Analysis and Modelling of a Hoekens-Jansen Biped
Part V: 3D Robot Modelling
  • Chapter 16. Modelling a Hexapod-Type Amphibious Robot
  • Chapter 17. Hovercraft Dynamic Modelling
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E. Martínez-García and A. Torres-Méndez

Cuvillier Verlag, Germany, September 2011

ISBN 978-3-86955-866-0

Book contents
  • Chapter 1. A proposal for dealing with long delay in teleoperation systems
  • Chapter 2. Fuzzy and exponential PD controllers for a class of walking robots
  • Chapter 3. Self-deploy in mobile sensor networks for survillance and rescue scenarios
  • Chapter 4. Modeling dynamics and navigation control of an explorer hexapod
  • Chapter 5. A geometric radial basis function network for on-line estimation of screw transformations
  • Chapter 6. An approach to improve real time speed estimation from encoder readings
  • Chapter 7. Visual geometric entities for orientation, relocalization and navigation
  • Chapter 8. A survey for vision-based tasks on humanoid robots
  • Chapter 9. A biologically-inspired robotic vision system for tracking fast moving objects
  • Chapter 10. Intelligent home navigation system for the elderly and physically challenged
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